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5 comments on “Puppies

  1. Scott Douglas says:

    Interested in female Springer pup with lots of ticking.

    • Scott. We no longer are breeding but I might be able to refer you to others who are but need more information. Where are you located? Are you willing to travel to get dog? Are you looking for a companion, hunting dog or ? What price range do you expect?

      This information will help me make a referral.

      Carol Callahan

  2. Sarah MacDonald says:

    Hi Carol,

    We saw that you were willing to give a referrals for other breeders so we wanted to reach out as we are just starting our search. We are looking for a companion dog that will grow with our starter family. We currently have a cat but no kids although we do plan on having them down the road. We are located in San Diego but would be willing to travel for the right dog and breeder! We’re not sure what the average price is for a springer puppy however, based on growing up with cockers, we’re thinking we would like to stay around $1,200. Again there could be wiggle room for the right dog!

    Thank you,
    Sarah MacDonald and Nathan Michalski

  3. Carol Wenz says:

    Carol, I understand you no longer breed springers. Fred and I purchased two spingers from you back in the day and loved them dearly. Our second Dylan passed a few years back. We are looking for a referral to a breeder. Live in Utah these days and willing to travel. Looking for a black and white bench male. Open to any age retired to puppy. Not sure what pricing is these days but it’s not an issue. Thx Carol Wenz

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